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A Message to Our Depositors:

March 22, 2023


Dear Clients,

In response to the concerns about liquidity in the banking industry, GenuBank is pleased to take this opportunity to provide you with selected financial information that you may find useful in managing your financial affairs.

The GenuBank Board of Directors and management believe that the bank is well positioned to meet any liquidity demands from our depositors, as set forth below:

Liquid Assets and Sources of Funds

Our Depositors

Our Financial Performance

In addition to the excellent liquidity position, we are pleased to report that in 2022, the bank celebrated its most profitable year ever with approximately $2.3 million in net profit. This performance is expected to continue in 2023.


We thank you for banking with us and are always available to answer any questions or feedback you may have.  So please feel free to contact your account officer, Zach Larson, Chief Credit Officer, David Bergstraesser, Chief Financial Officer, or me.


John Dru

President and Chief Executive Officer